Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Appreciating the little things

There's so much in the news about the darker, depressing side of life at the moment. The riots in London and further north have got everyone (whether it be the professional journalists, or just people on facebook) in a negative frame of mind.

Here's the chance to turn that around. Partly inspired by a piece in the Washington Post, I have decided to think about why today was a good day ....

1. It was sunny
2. We had an email from an alumni that reinforced why our students think we rock.
3. A friend came for lunch

Why was today good for you?


Jos said...

1. I am still happy every time I look out into our new garden and see our lovely purple flowers

2. My love and our cat Knetter

3. working at my new lingerie set

Great idea to send some positvity into the world

oxford-reader said...

Purple flowers are an added bonus at any time - and how exciting about your new lingerie set ... good luck with it!

ND said...

Greetings from Sydney, Australia. Some splendid reflections on your blog. Glad you are persevering with it. I am a new blogger so I am happy because:

1. My blog is finally up [though far from complete].

2. I had dinner last night with friends at a lovely restaurant on Sydney Harbour overlooking the Opera House.

3. It is raining this Australia rain is always welcome.