Saturday, 22 January 2011


How is everyone? Has January been a good month for you, or are you glad it's almost over? Have you managed to read much this year? Do you like dogs? Does the buying of books fill you with any special pleasure? Have you taken a moment to wonder why I've not written anything so far that does not end with a question mark?

Are you one of those people who can go for a walk without an apparent destination? Does having time to read and drink coffee matter to you? What is your favourite manifestation of punctuation? How many mugs do you own? Have you heard of Padgett Powell? What are your favourite kind of flowers? Do you find split ends heartbreaking? Do you write a diary? Do you enjoy reading those that have been published? Are all these questions getting you down? What is your favourite piece of classical music? Do you think Bette Davis deserved a slap?

Do you wish I'd get to the point? Do you enjoy sunrise or sunset more? Do you think a book composed entirely of questions can be termed a novel? Do you read much fanfiction? Does a crisp white shirt do it for you? Can you credit the fact that I still buy books, even though I have enough unread to last me for over eight years? Is a pearl necklace somehow calming? Have I confused you? Would you ever start a war, if you could? Do you like the concept of royalty? Do you think Lawrence Olivier or Kenneth Brannah was better at Shakespeare? Can you conceive of a world without dogs? Should I stop now, or carry on indefinitely? Should you read 'The Interrogative Mood'? Do you need me to tell you yes or no?

Do you mind if I put a stop to this now and read something with no questions whatsoever? Will you seek out the book?


Annie said...

No! But thank you for warning me off it so effectively.

oxford-reader said...

Oh dear - that really wasn't my intention! It was an interesting read, certainly! Although the constant pausing to answer the questions in my head did make it less enjoyable!

Anonymous said...

i loved your exemplified the fact that Life is full of questions..i think it's what makes life so interesting...though i don't think we'll have all the answers! Warm Regards, Sue

Mystica said...

Enjoyed the questions! at least I answered them to myself.... whatever I could that is.

One In The Same ♥ said...

Hablo castellano. También inglés, pero no me gusta que me obliguen a estudiarlo. Suerte que alguien hizo los diccionarios Inglés- Español, ¿verdad? En fin... Amo leer! Y no me vendría mal si pudieras escribir algo en castellano... Me ahorrarías tener que traducirlo :)