Monday, 6 September 2010

The September Issue

I don't know: you go on holiday, read 12 books in 14 days, come home and find you have no desire to pick anything up, and when you do you can't focus on it. What's that about? Did I actually find my limit whilst out in Greece? Have I discovered the outer limit of one's capacity to take in words, and consequesntly fried my brain?

I do hope not. I have to read The House of the Spirits for book club, which is next week.

In the meantime, I will try and ease myself gently back into the world of reading and catch up on the blogs of people I have missed. Reading is a career, and at times it's hard to juggle with the rest of one's life. This is one of those times - but I've got things to look forward to - just as with work. There's a wealth of treats on my shelves waiting for me to get my act together!


Mystica said...

It comes back. You are still living in vacation mode I guess.

Susan in TX said...

Nothing makes me hungrier for the written word than watching a couple of movies, or just giving my eyes a break for a week. Post-vacation is always a difficult time, but I daresay if you start catching up with your favorite book bloggers, they'll have you interested in something in no time. :) Welcome home, btw.