Monday, 12 July 2010

Roll up, Roll up!

Before I have get back to the weighty issue of the books that have captured my attention recently, I would like to tell you about a Book Blogger meet up, organised by Stuck-in-a-Book.

Now, I missed the last one, seeing as I was watching Julie Andrews gliding about a stage and breaking my heart with her rendition of Funny Valentine. This time, I WILL be there - not least because it's being held in my lovely home time.

Hopefully we won't be emulating the above picture too much, although I'm sure there will be time for a little quiet reading in amongst the fervent discussions.

It's being held on 25th September (venue TBC), so if you're interested in joining in, email simondavidthomas @ - Bloggers of the world unite (or I suppose the UK, in the instance - unless anyone happens to be travelling) !


Anita Mathias said...

Hello, I noticed a Somerville College picture on your blog. Did you read English at Somerville. I did, in the eighties. Perhaps we'll meet at the bloggers meet-up?

Anita Mathias said...

I am a book blogger too. and
I enjoyed your blog. You evidently find time to read a lot!!