Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Can any reader help me???

It's that time of year again - I'm going on holiday, and as usual I am presented with the problem of what on earth to read.

It's not as if I don't have a lack of choice. I have three bookcases full of tempting titles that I would love to read. However, I am only going for a week, and I can't cart 800 books to Cornwall. I've decided to take the train, and I don't think I'd be popular.

So, I've been pulling books from shelves, replacing them, grabbing more, and there are now quite a number on the spare bed. Look.

That's 21 books for a week. I don't think I'm being very sensible. And besides - I'm going to du Maurier country ... surely I ought to take more of her work? I'm not spoiled for choice there either - there's an entire shelf asking me to take my pick ....

Which one do I read?

I need help - I need directing. Someone come to my rescue!

P.S. I'm also planning on buying at least one of the new Bloomsbury reprints that Simon has ordered me to read .... that takes my pile up to 22 .....


verity said...

You need to read one of the DDMs actually set in Cornwall - Jamaica Inn if there is any chance of you driving past it.

I'm glad to see you've got Vanishing Cornwall in the pile on the bed, that's definitely a must-read in Cornwall.

And of the others, the Barbara Kingsolver is brilliant, as is Diary of a Provincial Lady. I've read the Elizabeth Taylor, but don't think it was one of her best.

I hope you have a lovely time. We were in Cornwall at the weekend. Whereabouts are you going?

Heather Bond said...

I'm so happy to see that I'm not the only one who "overbooks" on holiday!

I second the vote for Jamaica Inn and Diary of a Provincial Lady and also suggest the Agatha Christie and the Penelope Lively.

Have a wonderful time!

oxford-reader said...

I've read Jamaica Inn, and don't think there's much of a chance we'll pass it. Am thinking of taking The House on the Strand ... but definately taking Vanishing Cornwall!

Diary of a Provincial Lady is in my definate pile (have now split them up, and actually have more books on the bed) as is Agatha Christie.

We're renting a cottage near St. Veep, so very near Par and Fowey, and all that. Need to find a way down to Rebecca's boat wreck!

verity said...

Sounds lovely!

Jamaica Inn is a terrible tourist destination, but having watched the film last year in Cornwall we had to take a detour the next day to see it.

Have you read the King's General? That is set at Menabilly.

I nearly bought a lovely book of photos and words about the locations of each of DDMs books in Cornwall last weekend; I would have done if either my boyfriend hadn't walked off with all my cash or the bookshop took cards :(

oxford-reader said...

Have decided on 'The Loving Spirit' and 'Vanishing Cornwall' for my D du M reads. I suppose with the house that inspired it up for sale, I really ought to read 'Frenchman's Creek', but have already read it!