Thursday, 9 April 2009


Happy Easter everyone! I hope you've all got lovely things planned - day trips, reading marathons, anything really to make use of these few lovely days we have off. I myself am going to Somerset, and will be tramping the countryside with eleven children, ten adults and three dogs - think of me when you are curled up in an arm chair with that extra thick book you've been saving for this holiday!
Hopefully I will get some reading done too - I know I'll get some buying done, as there's a particularly wonderful second hand bookshop in my grandmother's village. Anyone like to take a bet on how many books I'll buy?

Posting will hopefully resume normal service when I return - the first month of the new job is over, so hopefully I will have more time!

Happy Easter everyone!

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Andrew Blackman said...

Happy Easter! My goal for the long weekend is not to leave the flat until Tuesday :-) Have a lot of reading to catch up with, and general resting and sleeping and catching up with myself. Need to do that kind of thing from time to time.

Enjoy your trip!!