Tuesday, 3 February 2009

A snowy sidenote

As you have no doubt noticed it snowed a bit on Sunday night ... and consequently the country ground to a standstill. I thought I'd share a few pictures with you all, but the best I could come up with was this:

There's barely enough for a good snowball fight, let alone a decent snowman, so I went searching on the Beeb, and the following are much more promising!


Elsie said...

Hello! Your blog is lovely! I particularly enjoyed your accounts of your experience at Way with Words-I was there as well, as a recipient of a student bursary, and it was great to read someone else's impressions of the events that I was also enjoying. I'm definitely going again this year.

I've just started a blog myself, which I'm hoping you might take a glance over and tell me what you think! I'm finding it so much fun already, and I've only had it for two days. The address is www.rescuedreads.blogspot.com, if you have the time, please take a look!

Happy blogging! :-)

Elsie x

oxford-reader said...

Hi there! I'm glad you enjoyed the WWW posts - it was hard to do them after the event! I think I remember you at Dartington ... did you ever sit up in one of the window seats?

I will definately look at your blog - I love finding new takes on things I've read and inspiration for future reads! Good luck with it!

Elsie said...

Yeah, the window seats were usually where I ended up-the stewards were always ushering me up there because I supposedly looked young and agile, ha! But they gave me a great view of everything-I found watching all the people attending the events just as interesting as those giving the talks. Are you planning to go this year?

Thanks for the blogging encouragement, I find myself planning things to write about almost constantly at the moment. I noticed that you went to UEA for your MA-I'm currently in my final year of an English Literature degree there and I absolutely love it!

oxford-reader said...

I'm not completely sure if I'm going this year - I start a new job in March, and as it's part of Oxford Uni, the times I can take holiday are very complicated! But I would love to go again!

You went to UEA too? Thinking about it, you were probably in your first year when I was there ... Does a start date of 2006 sound familiar? The campus may be complete concrete, but I will never forget the beauty of the lake!

Elsie said...

I did indeed start in 2006, how strange to think that we may have been there at the same time! The lake is beautiful, and I know it sounds odd but I find a peculiar beauty to the all the concrete as well, particularly the ziggurat buildings-I suppose just because I love UEA so much and will defend it to the death! I'm graduating in July and am absolutely terrfied at the prospect, I don't want to leave Norwich.

I really hope you can make to WwW this year, I can't wait. Last year I had one of the best weeks of my life, it was heaven-glass of strawberry juice in one hand, book in the other, sat on a deckchair in front of the Great Hall-it was absolute bliss!

So how long have you been blogging? Did you begin before WwW?

oxford-reader said...

I always loved the steps in the centre of campus ... sitting on them and watching the world go by was the highlight of my day sometimes!
It is nerve wracking and sad to graduate - although you may get someone interesting being honoured with you. We had Stephen Poliakoff - which I was pretty excited about!

I've been doing this blog since May last year - although I've had another blog since 2006 (it's on my blogroll under 'my other blog' although I've been terrible and not updated in a month. I started this one because I wanted to talk about books specifically, and I'd met so many other like minded and interesting people!