Sunday, 15 February 2009

A new haul

I'm sure everyone who reads this blog suffers from a similar problem to me - that of having too many books and yet not being able to leave bookshops well alone.

I thought I had formed the perfect plan, when in January I swore that I wouldn't buy a single book until 10th April. I was doing really well too. I just didn't go into bookshops. However, I thought a test was in order, so I went into the second hand department of Blackwells .... and I cracked.

Six weeks - that's all I managed. Isn't it terrible? And who do you think caused the crack to happen? Yes, Ms Du Maurier once again worked her magic, and I found two of hers that I didn't yet have (which is a feat, I have to say!)

This smallish crack was relatively justifiable, and if I'd left it there, perhaps it could have been papered over, but unfortunately, the crack went deeper than previously thought, and now, my resolve has completely crumbled. The only way to repair the damage is start all over again!

This shouldn't be too hard, for as you can see from the following, my shelves wont need any more adding to for quite a while!

- Eleanor Dark: The Little Company - VMC green cover, second hand
- Philip Roth: The Plot Against America
- Katharine McMahon: Footsteps
- C.W. Gortner: The Last Queen
- Italio Calvino: If on a Winter's Night a Traveller
- Various: In Bed With
- Edith Wharton: Roman Fever - VMC green cover, second hand
- Christopher Milne: The Enchanted Places - second hand
- Winifred Holtby: The Crowded Street - VMC green cover, second hand
- Katie Hickman: The Aviary Gate
- Richard Yates: Revolutionary Road

- Bernhard Schlink: The Reader
- Daphne du Maurier: Golden Lads
- Daphnr du Maurier: The Winding Stair

So, quite a haul really, I think you'd also agree?

Also, as a completely unbookish side note, you will probably be hearing quite a bit about this fellow ... His name is Bailey.


GeraniumCat said...

I'm suffering from the same problem - currently trying to stay out of a new secondhand bookshop in our nearest town. It looks an excellent haul, and an excellent dog!

oxford-reader said...

It is an excellent haul, and as for Bailey ... he's pretty fantastic too, although we are not entirely used to his ways yet!