Sunday, 21 December 2008

Hollywood glamour comes to BBC one

It's over for another year, and has proved to be a controversial one this time around. I'm not really sure if the right person won, but in the end it was too close to call, and I'm very happy for all of the finalists.

Yes, I am talking about Strictly, and Tom's showdance was an absolute joy to watch ... here it is just for you!

Tom's Showdance

*I'm not entirely sure how to embed youtube, so hopefully the link will take you where I want it to!


Jennifer Dee said...

It was good to see that performance again. I always thought that Rachael and Vincent would win, but based on the final performance, the right person won. It was spectacular really brilliant.

Thank you for let me see that again.

oxford-reader said...

I can't get the song out of my head! It really had the wow factor!

dovegreyreader said...

'twas all lovely and we knew Tom had won the minute he and Camilla stepped out, they just had that buzz about them. Mind you the puppet thing worried us at first, thinking of just how wrong Erin got it with Colin Jackson and those dolls strapped to their feet.
Embedding youtube is easy Becca (has to be for me to manage it) next to the video is a box with an 'embed this' code. Just copy it and then paste it onto the html editing screen where you want it to go on the post, rather than the normal screen. I assume blogger has both like typepad. Preview screen should show you that it's working OK.

oxford-reader said...

Thanks for that Lynne - I shall remember it for next time!
I remember Colin's dance - how very odd it was. Much prefered Zoe's!