Thursday, 20 November 2008

Waiting for a Wuther

Over on Justine's blog, there's been talk of what best to read to banish the darkness that winter brings.

She suggested Wuthering Heights, which led to a discussion of whether there was a right time of year to read the book. Some books are like that. The best time to read A Christmas Carol is ...? Easter? Hmm - somehow I think the clue is in the name.

Anyway, it set me thinking about what I've been reading this year, and although I made a rule not to read anything I'd read before - I think this might be the exception. If nothing else, reading it before Christmas will help me to be more thankful for the relative sanity of my relations. I don't have family members wanting to kill each other that's for sure.

The problem is I CAN'T start reading it yet. The weather has just been too nice for mid November. All mild and sunny with barely a wuther in sight. I said to Justine that the last time I tried to read it in Oxford I failed, because the dreaming city just isn't wild enough. However, it's supposed to snow on Sunday, so maybe I'll be able to read it them.

On a rather more frivolous note, who do you think would be the perfect person to play Heathcliffe .... personally I would like Alan Rickman, but he might be a bit too old. Maybe Richard Armitage would be better. Any thoughts??


GeraniumCat said...

We've had lots of wuthering here and I'm freezing - swap?

It was an oversight, not getting Rickman to play Heathcliffe when he was a bit younger, wasn't it? Pretty good as Colonel Brandon, though :)

oxford-reader said...

I knew that after I'd moaned about there not being a wuther, it would be cold. I'm freezing too!

Do you think Rickman would be too old to play Rochester? But I agree that his Colonel Brandon was wonderful. I'd be his Marianne anyday!

Christina said...

What an interesting blog! As soon as it snows (as it is doing right now!!) I get that 'Wuthering Heights' feeling coming on. It never happens in the summer...It's a winter thing like most of Dickens' books. has to be someone with a Yorkshire accent - as does Cathy. The Juliette Binoche version just didn't walk at all for me...Nor did Lawrence Olivier, come to think of it!!

Hilliard & Croft

Most Beautiful Princess

GeraniumCat said...

No, *definitely* not too old for Rochester :)

oxford-reader said...

Is it just me or is every adaptation of Wuthering Heights a little weak in some way? The same thing for Jane Eyre!

GeraniumCat said...

That's why they need Rickman (my son met him, I'm so-o-o jealous - especially as he said he was really nice!)