Sunday, 16 November 2008

Oh dear ...!

I've been meaning to post lots about books, movies, theatre, weather - loads in fact. However, all I can think is Cherie Lunghi has been voted out of Strictly, and for another week the public has been stubborn enough to keep John Sargeant in.

I'll get over it, but right this minute I feel like standing on the top of St Pauls with a megaphone and asking 'WHAT WERE YOU THINKING BRITAIN!'

Normal service will resume shortly, and apologies to anyone who has been voting for Mr S. and actually likes him!


Anonymous said...

Very sad to see Cherie go, after such a brilliant beginning too. I think we are stuck with John S. I think he is a 'given' obviously a huge fan base from - I know not where. I wish Lisa had gone, poor girl, I just can't warm to her and I find her dancing lacks something that I can't put my finger on.

I'm actually so grateful to 'Strictly', and 'It Takes Two', for distracting me from the ghastly news which seeps in from all sides. C.B

oxford-reader said...

John's fan base live in little old lady land - although Peter Mandelson has also said he's rooting for John, and I would've thought that would be enough to send him flying!

I like Lisa, but there have been more 'off' performances for her! I can only hope that with Cherie going way before her time, it will wake some people up.

And yes, I agree with it taking our minds off the gloomier side of things. Claudia makes my day!!

GeraniumCat said...

I did like John S. but I'm seriously going off him, and my OH can be heard muttering darkly; son can't bear Lisa but still thinks it is time that John went.

oxford-reader said...

It's interesting to see on the blogs who is rooting for who. I've found at least six people on DGR's blog that love him!
Lisa's odd - great to look at, but doesn't put enough of herself into her dances. The same could be said of Cherie in her Latins, but she was always wonderful at some point in her dances. I could watch her rumba and American Smooth over and over!

Anonymous said...

Wondering what John S. can do now, apart from staging a disabling accident to get himself out of it all.

I think Kristina's brilliant choreography is keeping him from being voted off, that, and the fact that a large part of the population is seething with rage and impotence at the moment, and cocking a snoop at any sort of authority, makes them feel a whole lot better and more powerful.

Lisa is on 'I.T.T' tonight, so I will try to understand my antipathy. Honestly, get a life....note to me!!

oxford-reader said...

Having watched I.T.T. tonight, I'm relieved to see Arlene doesn't think John should leave before he's voted out. It's a competition and he needs to go the way the others do, otherwise it makes a mockery of the show.

It's so strange to see how this has divided bloggers - and I was on the forums, although not saying anything, and the amount of anger at Claudia for the way she's handling it is astronomical!

Cherie said there was a period of mourning that went with the end of this job, and I sort of feel that too - which is ridiculous really!

Anonymous said...

I see John has resigned today. I'm sure some B.B.C. meetings have been held!!! If they don't want this sort of thing to happen, they should choose contestants of apparently equal ability...that would be a shame I think. Anyway, I'm sure we haven't heard the end of it all!

It's all too much isn't it ?!!