Saturday, 1 November 2008

Musings from a coffee shop

I decided to get out of the house and take advantage of free wifi in a coffee shop today.

I am supposed to be doing a couple of applications, but I can't settle to them. There's a feeling I just can't shake of being stood on a fault line waiting for the earthquake to knock me over.

Does anyone else feel like there is about to be a seismic shift? I know that most people don't want to write about politics on their blogs for fear of offending anyone, but I don't feel I can let this final weekend of the American election go by without marking it in some way.

I can't remember a time when the entire world was so involved with the outcome of one country's politics. I suppose after eight years of Bush, we are all willing people to make a change, and if we could vote, we would. Would we care, though, if the world wasn't in such a state as it is? If the economy was fine, and if we weren't at war, would this election carry as much weight as it does?

I'm planning on staying up to watch the coverage on BBC on Tuesday, and I'll use the first few boring hours to write a few bookish posts, which I am sadly behind on. But for today, I'd like to know what, if any, effect this election is having on you.


Darlene said...

I live in Canada and absolutely agree with you. I'm going to be up until an outcome is announced and hope Obama is the next President. Think optimistically that change for the better will come...fingers crossed!

Anonymous said...

I have never, never been so involved in any election. I have even read both Obama's books to really try and get a feel of him. I hope he gets in, but I fear that it is going to be an uphill struggle for whoever does. Such a divided country.
A great friend of mine in Virginia, is hardly able to function at all at the moment, but is thrilled that she may be living in a 'blue' state.


GeraniumCat said...

Me too - it's such an opportunity, but I'm immensely cynical about the whole process and fear not only the wrong outcome but that That Woman will end up in a position of power. And yes, it's so important that we ought to be able to vote too.

oxford-reader said...

Fingers are crossed now. I'm not going to bed until Obama is elected. It's good to know that so many people are involved, and I'm so excited about the prospect of Virginia becoming a blue state!