Friday, 14 November 2008

Madness in the name of a good cause

There are some things that are unquestionably British.

- Bangers and Mash
- Pearly Kings and Queens
- Warm beer

But the thing that really proves out Britishness, no matter what? 'Celebrities' willing to make a complete fool of themselves all in the aid of charity.

Yes, it's Children in Need night, once more, and I for one am very excited. Where else am I going to get to see news readers attempt to sing and dance, Eastenders do their yearly prance, Tess Daly ACTUALLY dance instead of just lift her knee for Bruce to tap, and wonder of wonders - the first ten minutes of the Christmas Dr Who!!!!!

It's all in the name of a good cause too; which is British madness at its best!


Can Bass 1 said...

You forgot to mention Choral Evensong, my dear. Must have been an oversight.

oxford-reader said...

Ah yes, clearly an oversight. I will do better next time!