Sunday, 12 October 2008

Blenheim Palce

I went to Blenheim today for part of the Independent Literary festival (of which more later in the week).

The weather was a little odd though. After yesterdays sun, I was expecting more of the same, but I got up, opened the curtains .... and I couldn't see a thing! So as I got to Blenheim, this is what I could see ...

Errr - where's the house? I felt like Scarlett O'Hara as I ran up the drive (and run I did, because public transport on a Sunday is hopeless, and I was almost late!

Then, I had time between my events to walk around. I reasoned that two festival tickets meant I was more than qualified to go round the grounds without paying again, so off I went.

That's the lake. What do you mean you can't see the rolling hillside on the other side?

An hour or so later, however, I could finally see the palace.

And I finally spotted where the plinth was .... seriously, I thought I was going mad earlier in the day, because I couldn't find it. Was I getting confused with Windsor I wondered? No, turns out the mist was REALLY bad, because none of what is in this picture was available to be seen earlier in the day!

And there's the house again, taken from the train - beautiful weather!


*oh my aunt jemima!* said...

I could be wrong but isn't Blenheim sort of connected to Pride and Prejudice... I remember Mr Gardiner mentioning it I think!

oxford-reader said...

Yes, when they are going around Derbyshire, Mrs Gardner says Lizzy will be able to see if Pemberly is the equal of Chatsworth or Blenheim. But it didn't cost them almost £20 to have a look around!

darlene said...

Beautiful pictures.

oxford-reader said...

Thank you :-)