Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Lady in London

There is something about London that thrills me every time I visit. I'm not entirely sure I'd like to live there. I get stressed trying to negotiate Oxford on a busy Saturday, London is like that all the time. I'd end up shooting people, I have no doubt.

I'm also quite certain that I'd become impoverished in an astronomically quick time. I'd spend all my time in the National Portrait gallery, in between wandering second hand shops and going to the theatre.

I mentioned the fact that I was going to go to the second hand dept in Foyles - I was expecting to come out with at least one red bag, chock full, and instead what did I come out with?

Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

No - don't all have heart attacks from the shock - I made up the lack by going into a general secondhand shop and finding four books there - one of them was 'The Yellow wallpaper' by Charlotte Perkins Gilman. I haven't dared read it yet, because I only seem to be at home in the evening, and I'm already trying to deal with the anxiety of having a rocking chair in the house, without worrying that the wallpaper is driving me insane too.

The trip to the theatre was fantastic too. I actually took a picture of the stage before the play started, because it was wonderful, and I'll post it once I've finished the film.* The play was fantastic, and I have become even more of a fan of Eileen Atkins - her comic timing is phenomenal! I waited at the stage door, as is my custom, and got all the cast signatures. Eileen was almost the last, and I ended up holding her beautiful bouquet of flowers so she could sign everyone's programmes. She professed to recognise me from when I saw her in 'The Sea' in April (I was the only one that night, so I suppose it could be true) and was generally very lovely.

Tomorrow I'm off to Abingdon to be profligate again, and am going to have to start thinking about my Friday interview, so I'm not too stressed on Thursday.

* I am now totally convinced of my need for a digital camera. Using Dad's has been totally brilliant over the last months, especially for this blog. It's only taken me about 5 years to convert. I wonder if my feelings over e-readers will ever be changed like this ...

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