Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Getting lost in Austen

I decided to reserve my judgement on Lost in Austen until the second episode, and am rather glad I did, because whereas last week I would have written it off as a piece of frippery, this week it has grown on me and I have to say it's quite fun - if not entirely serious.

The idea of putting a very modern girl into that world is clever. Putting someone like myself in the situation, who would know every nuance, speak the right way and try not to stick out too much, would be too easy. With Amanda's modernism, you have a refreshing change, and also become certain that everything is going to go tits up (to use her language).

Changing the plot is also interesting ... real life doesn't happen like a novel say the cynics, and so it would seem in Pride and Prejudice. I'm waiting for Darcy to soften, but I don't think it's likely in the near future .... Oh dear!

Meanwhile in the real real world, I'm getting a little worried about Barack Obama ... he's starting to look a little frazzled!

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StuckInABook said...

I love it! Utterly silly but so watchable and funny. Can't wait for the next ep...