Friday, 12 September 2008

Get the flags out!

I cannot believe that it slipped my mind!

Yes, as the picture would suggest, the last night of the proms is upon us once again, and tomorrow night there will be flags waved, songs sung and a lot of bobbing up and down.

I can't begin to describe why I love this great event. Of course some may say it is completely dated, and no one thinks England is that great anymore; but to those naysayers, I would point them to the front row - there you will find the most dedicated prommers, who have been in that spot for decades, and still haven't managed to pop a lung, even though they have sung 'Land of Hope and Glory' at the top of them for years on end.

So, break out the bubbly, unfurl the flags, dust off those song sheets, and sing the roof off!


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oxford-reader said...

Only problem is they chose to do different music from the Sailor's hornpipe - that's absolutely my favourite bit!