Thursday, 7 August 2008

Not drowning but waving...

I am starting to think that there should be a help group for those with a book fixation. Like the AA. It could be called BA. 'Hello, my name is Rebecca, I'm a bookaholic and I've not bought a book in three days'

It's never going to happen is it? Even if we swear off buying books in a proper bookshop, there are still charity shops, second hand shops, flea markets. You name it, you can probably buy a book there. Even the weekly food shop isn't a safe activity for a bookaholic.

Take today, for instance. On my way home from work I had to go past a restaurant to check the times for cheap eating, and since I was down that way anyway, thought I'd pop in to the best charity shop on this side of town. It's like a grotto - not all nice clean lines, and bright lighting like most Oxfam's - this is all over the place. You could get lost if you tried.
There I found eight books for £9, and in buying them brought my total of books up to 755. And I've not read 432 of them. This isn't a comprehensive list - I only started compiling it late last year when I was getting bored of writing job application forms. All those books that I read because I was told to by University reading lists, and then decided that I hated them. They're not on there, because I sold them.

So, I'm fast running out of shelf space, and bank balance, but do I care? Do I heck! This is the best addiction that I could possibly be afflicted with. When I'm really old (because this is an addiction that doesn't kill you, except when trying to lug an armful of books home) people will come for miles to see the woman who lives in the biggest house they've ever seen, yet has very little furniture apart from bookshelves!

In honour of my books, I am offering a prize draw ... because, yes, I do sometimes buy a book I already have. So, if anyone wants a copy Stella Tillyard's Aristocrats or Daphne du Maurier's The Flight of the Falcon leave a message telling me your book history, or just say 'me, me, me, ME!', and I will enter you for the draw, which will be drawn next Friday evening. Open to everyone, wherever in the world you live!

Oh, and much thanks to Stuckinabook for letting me use his sketch - it really does sum up my relationship with books!

P.S. Kiera Knightley is continuing to ruin my childhood memories. Cameron Macintosh is remaking 'My Fair Lady' and guess who has been cast as Eliza? Yes, HER!
However, I am totally conflicted by the news that Emma Thompson will be doing the screenplay, and that Daniel Day Lewis will be Professor Higgins. I HAVE to see it now!


Anonymous said...

I grew up in a bookish home, with parents who collected books on the theory of reading them in retirement. My parents came to live with us when they retired, along with thousands of books! My mother died 6 years later, having read a great many of them (but rarely getting rid of any), while still purchasing others and a weekly library habit of at least 10books. I culled her books, incorporating many into my own library, shipping 36 boxes of scifi/fantasy to my brother, giving a whole slew of women's letters and diaries to a local community college and sharing the wealth in a few other ways. Like you, I need another book like I need a hole in my head...but please put my name in for the Du Maurier. I'll find room somehow! Stacey

oxford-reader said...

That sounds like a LOT of books Stacey! My father is the big reader of my parents, and I have to be careful when buying books, because it's more than likely he'll have it. I can't buy any Thomas Hardy, Brontes, Janes Austen, Grahme Green, Henry James or Steinbeck because he has them all! Course, this does make it easier when trying to choose my next buy.
Your mother sounds like she had a very eclectic taste in what she read.
Your name is duly added for the du Maurier.

Peta said...

Even with my 2008 "no buying new books" restriction I seem to accumulate them at a rate of knots. I insist that birthday/Christmas presents are a means to get around the rule so the TBR pile grows and grows. Then you can add in books I've bought for my husband (which don't count properly as new books according to my interpretation) and books borrowed from friends and family...

I would absolutely love to have the wall space to get my boxes of books down from the attic and into bookcases but I have to admit that it's likely to remain a pipe dream. I do have my eye on the back wall of the dining room though. :D

oxford-reader said...

It's starting to be the case now where I am thinking of begging my parents to put a bookcase in a hallway ... Actually, with all the Folio editions my dad buys, and all my hardbacks, that's not such a bad idea!
Do you want another book to add to your self? Do either of the ones I'm offering tempt?

Peta said...

It would be rude to enter given I won one of your recent giveaways! I shall however comment on Keira Bl**dy Knightley being cast as Eliza. How irritating given the involvement of Emma Thompson and Daniel Day Lewis.

oxford-reader said...

I don't think it would be rude. At the moment it's just Stacey, so I need a few more bodies vying for a book!

And yes - KK's involvement is annoying. She keeps doing it too - there's always films I want to see which have her in. It's not fair! *goes off whingeing*

StuckInABook said...

Glad you used the sketch!
I already have The Flight of the Falcon (in fact, I recently gave away my second copy) but would like to throw myself in for Stella Tillyard's book!

My book history... obsessively buy, even when I know there is only the remotest chance I'll ever read them... haven't counted my books for years, but I think it's about 800 too.

oxford-reader said...

Consider yourself thrown Simon!

I only made a list because I was bored, and also because I'd probably forget when I read things if I didn't!