Thursday, 21 August 2008

La Vie En Rose

Fear not - I am not about to launch into a great ream of French ... although I suppose it might be a good idea if I spoke a bit more than I actually do. I am off to Paris for Bank Holiday, and I'm slightly nervous, as I will be on my own, but I'm looking forward to walking along the banks of the Seine, prowling around the Louvre and spending at least a couple of hours in the Shakespeare and Co bookshop!

What have I been doing with myself that has meant that I havn't posted at all in the last week or so? Well, apart from seeing a couple of films and having high tea at the Randolph (an experince I will repeat as long as my bank balance permits), I have of course been reading.

I finished The Behaviour of Moths on Wednesday, which I loved. It's a fantastically woven story, although I did feel that the description of moth procedure was slightly overdone in parts, but that is a big part of the narrator, so it does fit well.
I am usually loath to liken books to others, because I feel it detracts from the authors achievements, and might even in some cases put others of reading it, if they have not liked the other book. However, I had an underlying feeling as I was reading this that it was quite similar, in tone at least, to Engleby.

I'm now reading A Long Long Way, which is good, but isn't really grabbing me.

I must go pack. Apart from not knowing what clothes to take, I am again struggling over books. I have decided upon The Phantom of the Opera, but need to decide on one or two more, as I'll probably finish Phantom on the train!

Au revoir for now!