Saturday, 2 August 2008

If you've not read this yet .....

There are some books that you know upon the instant of seeing them that you will love. Ferney is one of them.

Doesn't the cover just fill you with delight? It draws you in, but keeps you at a distance too, with the image out of focus like that.

There is no way of telling you what it is about. To give you even one word would be to spoil it. I went to hear James Long talk about it at Dartington, and therefore I had information lodged in my brain that I probably should not have had. I filled in gaps where I shouldn't have been able. In the end it didn't matter, of course, because it's such a masterpiece. The book actually wrapped itself around me, so that I was in it's protection ... I'm exhausted just thinking about it, and it's rare for me to feel so drawn into the actual plot like that.

So, thanks to DGR for mentioning this is the first place. This is one I'll go back to time and again.

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Anonymous said...

This is the only book ever that I've read again immediately after finishing it the first time. I 'got' more of the clues the second time round and was able to make more sense of the geography as well. I was totally absorbed, taken over really, by this book in a way that's very rare - even amongst the 60-70 odd books I read per year. It's a very special book for me and I felt a real wrench when I finished it for the second time, knowing I had to leave Ferney and Gally behind and move on.