Monday, 7 July 2008

Why did I start on this?

Does anyone else embark on projects that they can't possibly hope to finish in time, but because they are for other people you break your back trying to get it done?

I am in this situation. I decided that for my friend's 50th I was going to produce a scapbook of different poems, sections of prose, photos etc that represent her tastes.

I had the idea last year and have been putting things together for a few months. Her birthday was actually last month, but happily I was in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, so wouldn't have been able to give it to her, even if I had finished it!

Still, it needs to be done by 19th July, which is when she arrives for the weekend, and in actuality it needs to be done by this Friday night, because I am NOT lugging it all the way to Dartington!

I'd best get back to tea staining and burning the edges of Keats' last letter ...

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