Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Booker choice, Oxford-Reader style

I'm very sorry if I came across totally vitriolic in my last post ... I'm not feeling particularly happy today, and I was counting on the Booker list to lift me out of myself and make me fired up. When that didn't happen, I sort of lost the will to be cheerful, and then I wondered what right I had to be so against the choices, seeing as how I havn't read any of the list, and how this blog really isn't the most worthy to cast judgement in the first place.

That said, I do want to make my own list ... which is more me saying 'These are the ones I want to read soon anyway'. So, here's my list - there's only 8, because I have to buy six of them, not being totally fantastic and managing to get publishers to send me stuff!

The Secret Scripture, Sebastian Barry
Girl in a Blue Dress, Gaynor Arnold
From A to X, John Berger
The Spare Room, Helen Garner
The Behaviour of Moths, Poppy Adams
Daphne, Justine Picardie
The Bellini Madonna, Elizabeth Lowry
Deaf Sentence, David Lodge

So, yes - I've chosen three from the actual longlist, whilst the others are ones that fellow bloggers have recommended very highly. I would have liked
The Bellini Madonna to have made it on to the actual longlist, mainly because the woman who wrote it was the deputy headmistress of my secondary school!

So there we go. Thoughts posted as and when I've located and read books!

P.S. Having reread this post, I realise the first part is a bit, well, doom and gloomy .... sorry about that everyone!


Peta said...

I'm very tempted to make a similar list but am slightly put off by the vast cost of ordering hardbacks! I might check out the library and see what they've got in stock and base my reading on the availability. That could be an interesting mini-challenge and might lead me to read books I wouldn't wanted to.

The books that I most want to read from that list are Girl in a Blue Dress and From A to X so fingers crossed that they're in stock!

oxford-reader said...

I'm going to buy three or so now, and then carry on from there.

New problem has arisen in the fact that the book DGR has reviewed for today sounds wonderful ...