Monday, 28 July 2008

Blog of a cosmopolitan woman ...

I feel quite accomplished.

Gone is the month where I have started reading a book, only to put it down through boredom, or the thought that something else might be better. Now, finally, at the end of July, I am back in the swing of things, having read four books in the space of two days.

I have just finished Diary of a Provincial Lady - hence my title obviously, and have been compelled to think in very short sentences about rather trivial matters. Actually, whilst cooking supper, I found myself documenting it for the benefit of absolutely no one, and am rather worried in case problem persists. Also, I sense it is about to rain torrentially, as I hear thunder, but this does not worry me unduly, as I am supposed to be watering the garden, and this will save me the trouble.

I am compelled to quote two short passages, which amused me greatly:

Firstly: 'Letter comes by second post from my dear old schoolfriend Cissie Crabbe, asking me if she may come here for two nights so so on her way to Norwich. (Query: Why Norwich? Am surprised to realise anyone ever goes to, lives at, or comes from, Norwich, but quite see that this is unreasonable of me.')

Secondly: 'Question of books to be taken abroad undecided till late hour last night. Robert says, Why take any? and Vicky proffers Les Malheurs de Sophie, which she puts into the very bottom of my suitcase, whence it is extracted with some difficulty by Mademoiselle later. Finally decide on Little Dorrit and The Daisy Chain, with Jane Eyre in coat pocket. Should prefer to be the kind of person who is inseparable from volume of Keats, or even Jane Austen, but cannot compass this.'

To which I reply; firstly - even having spent a year in Norwich, I can also be surprised that anyone comes from Norwich (to go anywhere else) and secondly, actually, she does seem to be the kind of person who is inseparable from Jane Austen. Who would take Dickens on holiday with them? .... Actually cannot really cast judgement, as my own father shows tendency to take complete Remembrance of Things Past by Proust each time he goes to Greece, and always seems to read them.

Suffice it to say I like the Provincial Lady very much, and will no doubt end up seeking her other outpourings out when I should be saving money for a rainy day (which is upon us, so it seems ...)

I will leave you with pictures. Nothing particularly beautiful, or noteworthy. I thought you'd like to see the shoes I bought.

I'm off to read some more of Ferney - Dovegreyreader asked recently what books were captivating their readers even when they are away from them, and this is certainly one of them ....


StuckInABook said...

Provincial Lady! Yes! Yes! Just re-read The Provincial Lady Goes Further (my favourite of the four) and loving it all over again. Do seek out the others.

oxford-reader said...

*Salutes* Yes Sir! (Not hard to order me to do that ...)