Sunday, 27 July 2008

The best sort of weekend

This has been the sort of weekend I like best. Calm, wonderfully sunny and totally relaxed. I intended to read and possibly write, but other than that had no fixed plans.

Saturday turned out to more sociable, as I had lunch with my Godmother, and drank a glass or two more than I intended, and so ended up in a wonderful bookshop and bought three Jean Rhys novels, whom I'm not sure I even like .... I won't bore you with my drinking exploits, except to say that I did something I wouldn't have done when sober: namely push an annoying tourist out of the way. Usually I 'tsk' at them under my breath.

Today, was an altogether better day, reading wise. I walked into town

There's Magdalene tower which is on my way into town.

Anyway, I sat in Starbucks reading A Boy of Good Breeding until I thought Borders would be open, where I went to return The Glass Blowers which I'd bought a few days previous and then found a first edition in Oxfam (I am rather good at this!). I swapped it for The Road which is the book for September's book club. I also got tempted by a Miss Marple omnibus.

From there I wandered to Hobbs. I'd been in there the day before, but didn't trust my drunken judgement ... I used to work there, and so know their persuading techniques very well, and yet I still came out with two pairs of shoes and a skirt. Needless to state, I don't trust my sober judgement either!

I ambled over to the castle and sat outside Pizza Express, and finished off Boy of Good Breeding and also Hons and Rebels which I'd started on the New York trip and had put to one side. This was rather lovely, as there was a woman singing somewhere, and it was rather hot.

Sadly, sitting nursing a glass of water wasn't winning me any favours, so I moved on to Chequers pub, where I'd arranged to meet friends a little later, and sat with Miss Marple, until I got chatting to a few guys from Stoke, and then said friends arrived.

I got home at about 6.30, and have been reading in the hammock ever since

Not a bad way to spend a weekend methinks. How did yours go?


StuckInABook said...

Becca, Becca! You've spelt Magdalen the Cambridge way! Shock and horror!

oxford-reader said...

I grovel in mortification ...... also, didn't know there were two different ways. Which goes to prove I'm Town rather than Gown. Want to stage a fight?