Friday, 20 June 2008


I'm being hopelessly lax in my posting, because my cold has taken my brain hostage, and any proper post I make would be nonsensical and riddled with errors.

In the next week I intend to write about the following.

- Queen Mary 2
- A couple of book reviews
- A post dedicated to the works of Justine Picardie (now I've read them all, think it would be interesting ....)
- The novel I'm working on. (Angela Young asked about this - I've been meaning to talk about it, seeing as writing it is proving impossible)

There are other things that are bound to crop up too, but really this is just an apology for posting poems about colds, instead of writing interesting things to get your thoughts whirring away!


Paul said...

Get well soon !

StuckInABook said...

Hope you feel better soon! And I look forward to all the above...

oxford-reader said...

Thank you both :-) I've got some time tonight, I might have a massive post-athon!