Saturday, 21 June 2008

Ban on books and holidays

I decided earlier on today that I am going to ban myself from buying any books for two months (aside from a brief respite at Dartington because the oportunity will be too great to pass up). Initally it was going to be one month, but I've just spent £275 on a trip to Paris at the end of August, so I can't afford any books until I get to Shakespeare and Co on the left bank.

To add a bit more of an incentive to me not buying books, I would like to say that the first person to catch me out by any means they choose will get a book of their choice (upper limit £15) sent direct to them!


Paul said...

Books can devour a person !!

oxford-reader said...

They can! I sometimes think they share something with a garden weed - they're taking over my room inch by inch!