Thursday, 22 May 2008

Book hatred

Here's something to make you pause.

We so often talk about the book we love, that have changed our lives, inspired us, or just generally made us happy, that we never pause to consider those that have bored us silly or infuriated us.

Here are my top three Book hates:

1: The Good Soldier - Ford Maddox Ford. I had to read this in third year of undergrad, and I didn't understand one single word, at least not in context. All I could think of as I tried to take it in was 'when I finish this, I can throw it at the door' which I promptly did as I turned the final page!

2: On the Road - Jack Kerouack. I have never understood 'beat' literature. Who on earth cares if someone wants to go on a drugged up road trip. Gah!

3: The Pioneers - James Fenimore Cooper. Dullest. Book. Ever!

What are your three top hates?


StuckInABook said...

At Book Group the other day our theme (we always have a theme, alongside the book in question) was 'most over-rated book' and a fun time was had by all! Captain Corelli's Mandolin was my choice - argh! Such lazy writing.

Other disliked books... hmm... so many are just blah and forgettable. Couldn't stand Ulysses, which I had to read at university, and also loathed Rebecca's Tale by Sally Beauman, which I had to read for a book group.

oxford-reader said...

Oh, Captain Corelli - I think that's a book that qualifies for better film than book!
I refuse to read Ulysses on principle! Not read Rebecca's Tale yet, but it's on my shelves, somewhere!

Which book group do you go to?