Saturday, 24 May 2008

Bank Holiday reading

So, it's bank holiday weekend, and I intend to go find some nice coffee shop and read until my eyes fall out - or I need to sleep!

This is my intended list.

- 'Lolita' - Nabokov
- 'Mary Anne' - Daphne du Maurier
- 'The Great American Mousical' - Julie Andrews
- 'The Progress of Julius' - Daphne du Maurier
- 'I am Madame X' - Gioia Diliberto

In amongst all this reading, I shall write some of my novel - although I can see myself becoming too absorbed with Du Maurier. Ah well - that wont be too painful!


StuckInABook said...

Gah! Wish I had a bank holiday... sadly someone decided the libraries need to be open... :-(

oxford-reader said...

Really? You poor thing! Still, it's raining, so you wouldn't have done much!

Gondal-girl said...

What did you think of Lolita? I think it is beautiful? Lots of Lolita news here in Oz, with art exhibition closed down of naked, but 'tastefully', nude children, so lots of Lolita news in press.

oxford-reader said...

I really like the way it's written - enough detail to make you feel a little ill, but not enough to make you want to put the book down entirely.